PA used on XY???

  • I really need to get back and try to retune pressure advance on my printer (after a major upgrade including changing the carriage/distance from hotend to extruder slightly)...
    While reading some of the process, new conversations that seem to be new since I last looked at this a year+ ago, I had a question. A question that I feel could be best solved with accel and jerk.... but still. this could make it more dynamic if it's effect could be managed properly.

    Could you enable Pressure Advance on X and Y? At best, I was thinking this could assist jerk and accel to reduce speed at key points that could possibly help with ghosting and possibly assist "rounded corner" issues when printing at high speed. I can also see this going sideways fast, especially if it was set to too high of a number...

    Also, if there is already a discussion has already started elsewhere, please share the post, and I will just review that conversation.

    I do understand that this idea could be completely outside what pressure advance is able to do as it wasn't exactly designed/intended to be used like this.

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  • @Phaedrux
    No. I didn't know about that. Thanks!

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