Duet 2 Super Soft Power Mod

  • Thanks to many on this forum I implemented full soft power control and automatic shutdown of my Duet 2 +Hemera based ender 5 build.

    I wanted to capture my install for my own reference but also to anyone who might be attempting to do the same.

    The first step was the relay based control of the 24VDC PSU. This mod has been done many times before but it is the first stop towards full soft power control. I have attempted to document that here:

    The big difference in the other soft power mods I have seen before was the addition of soft power control extended to the microcontroller of the Duet 2. I have attempted to document that approach here:

    I have a ton of respect for those that have written very clear tutorials. In the process of retro documenting the steps I took I see many ways I could improve the way I documented this modification. I plan to add a video shortly of the finished system operating.

    Again, thanks to the forum for helping me get this machine up and running!

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