Random number generation with Meta Commands?

  • Hi all,

    I was trying to make a simple random number generator - single digit, -9 to 9 numeric swing and came up with this:

    echo floor(10*(cos(sqrt(sensors.analog[0].lastReading * state.upTime))))

    Is there a better way to do this?


  • administrators

    What's the use case? We could add a random number function if it would be generally useful.

  • @dc42 As of now I'm using it to offset prime line and working on making it used to offset prints starting location on the build plate.

  • Or to make a R2D2 impression...

    while iterations <= 4                            ; perform 5 passes
       M300 S{3000+(200*(floor(10*(cos(sqrt(sensors.analog[0].lastReading * state.upTime))))))} P{200+(10*(floor(10*(cos(sqrt(sensors.analog[0].lastReading * state.upTime))))))}
       M300 S{3000+(200*(floor(10*(cos(sqrt(sensors.analog[0].lastReading * state.upTime))))))} P{100+(10*(floor(10*(cos(sqrt(sensors.analog[0].lastReading * state.upTime))))))}
       G4 P200

  • @dc42 jumping on this one, I would find it quite useful if I could slightly randomise my z home position. I use a piezo nozzle contact to home Z and I have a ziflex magnetic build surface. I find that over time my Z-offset is drifting because repeated probing of the same point is putting an indent in the surface and damaging it.
    I'm thinking if I could randomise the probing point within a given area (say a 10mm square) it would give me much less wear on the ziflex and shouldn't impact my z homing accuracy too much (by being in nearly the same place)

  • I would find it useful for randomly selecting pattern files to run on my sand table.

  • @dc42, here's the primeline macro - use case:

    ; 0:/sys/primeline.g
    ; Print prime-line at a 'randomized' Y positon from -1.1 to -2.9
    G1 X0 Z0.6 Y{-2+(0.1*(floor(10*(cos(sqrt(sensors.analog[0].lastReading * state.upTime))))))} F3000.0;
    G92 E0.0                                                   ; set E position to 0
    G1 Z0.2 X100.0 E30.0 F1000.0                               ; prime line
    G92 E0.0                                                   ; set E position to 0
    M400                                                       ; finish all current moves / clear the buffer


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