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  • I am suspecting that I screwed up something but I do not know how to unscrew it.
    I follow this web site by displaying all new posts. It used to be that I could mark a post as 'selected' by clicking on the icon to the far left of the post. I then select 'mark as read' and select either 'all' or 'selected'. The later would remove all posts that I had previously selected.
    When a post was selected, there would be a check mark in the icon on the far left.

    Maybe a month or so ago, this functionality was broken and when I click on the icon on the far left to 'select' the post, it instead gives me stats for the poster.

    Was the old way of selecting a post incorrect and is there a new method of selecting a post now ?

    Is the new way of the behaviour of the web site an error?

    What's the deal ?

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    I just tried marking a selected thread as read and it worked. Are you still finding it doesn't work?

  • Nothing has changed. When I click on the user icon at the far left I get the user info rather than a checkmark for selecting the post.

  • Here are two screen shots:
    Screenshot from 2020-08-02 16-35-55.png
    Screenshot from 2020-08-02 16-36-42.png

    Screen shot one is what I see and if I put the cursor on the teardrop thingy on the left and click on it (used to generate the 'select' checkmark before), I get the second screen shot.

    This is under Firefox but also behaves that way under chrome.

  • Hi,

    Well it doesn't work that way now - that is clear.

    What happens now is when I click on a topic it takes me to the topic and marks it as read.

    Once I'm in the topic I can mark it as unread.

    When look at the list of topics, on the upper right there is a pull down "Mark as Read".

    One of the options is "Selected" but I don't see how to mark one or more topics in the list as "selected".

    I've never tried to use the "Selected" option - I've always use the "All" option.



  • Yes, that is correct, clicking on the topic gets you to the text of the topic and mars it read ... and I can mark it as unread just as you describe.
    In the past, if you put your cursor over the user icon (or teardrop thingy when there is no defined icon), a check mark would appear. If you clicked on that the checkmark would stay ... if you didn't click on the checkmark it would disappear as soon as your cursor left the icon.
    So, if you established a few checkmarks by clicking on the user icon and then went to the right and clicked on 'delete' and 'selected', all posts so marked would be marked as read and disapear from the 'unread' list view.

  • @jens55

    Well given the presence of the option "Selected" it stands to reason there should be a way to select one or more topics from the list.

    I cannot figure out how to do that?

    Have you found a way?


  • As I indicated, it used to be done by putting the cursor on the user icon at the far left which put a checkmark inside the teardrop and when you clicked on that, the checkmark was 'permanent' (meaning it would stay even if the cursor left the user icon) . The post was then considered selected.
    My method of operation involved selecting all the new posts that were of no interest and then deleting those. This would leave a handful of posts which I could then read one by one.

    Now, if there are let's say 30 new posts, I go to the first post that looks interesting. Once read, it would be removed from the list of 'unread' posts. I now have to read through the list again, including all the posts that are of no interest, to find the next interesting post.
    The longer the list of unread posts, the more annoying it is as you have to go through all the posts that are of no interest multiple times.

  • @jens55

    So... you haven't found the "new" way of selecting topics for marking or deleting - correct?



  • correct!

  • @jens55 said in Operation of this web site:


    Well drat, I was hoping you had found it.

    Perhaps who ever maintains the web site will respond.


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    Screenshot 2020-08-04 13.36.04.png

    I'm still able to click on the icon on the left side to select multiple posts and then click on mark as read from the menu.

    I'm in the Unread tab, whereas in your screen shot you're in recent. That may make the difference. In Recent I can still click on the icon, but there is no mark as read. That only shows in the unread categeory.

  • Very strange !
    No, the behaviour is the same in 'recent' and 'unread'. I might have run out of 'unread' posts when I did the screen shots ... don't recall.

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