TH3D EZ ABL PRO install on the Duet 2 Wifi

  • Hello,

    Does anyone have a detailed write up on adding the probe to the Duet 2 Wifi board? I've found some useful anecdotal information on the forum but can't find any comprehensive information on wiring and calibrating it properly.


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  • Yes, thanks. That’s the only post I can find so far with any information.

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    It sounds like this worked out the correct wiring and config. What are you stuck at?

  • @Phaedrux specifically where you asked the user to do a write up on the wiring. I want to make sure I'm connecting to the correct pins on the duet 2 board as well as which pins were connected to on the EZ ABL. My layout is a bit different than the one shown in the picture from this thread.Example picture.jpg

    So which of the 3 pins in this picture should I be connecting to and which of the pins on the duet board should I be connecting to? Do I need to connect any endstop wiring at all? Once I've connected the wires properly is there any calibration in the duet interface for this sensor? I've noticed on your website that this type of sensor may give me a "low" accuracy reading and I was wondering why this happens.


  • Ok so after some tinkering on my own I was able to generate a mesh but the results aren't that great. Please see images of the mesh and settings below:

    EZ ABL Pro Mesh.JPG Settings.JPG

  • So everytime I do the Z calibration Command, the G30 S-1 numbers that I get increase.

    Z calibration.JPG

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    Looks like you got it working. Thats' good.

    The heightmap would indicate that you have quite a bit of tilt along the x axis. Did you try to level it manually first?

    What type of printer are you using?

    Does your Z axis have 2 motors? Are they in sync?

    If you move the Z axis to just tough the nozzle to the bed, then move the z axis around randomly are you able to return to the same height and just touch the bed? If not you may have some backlash in your Z axis.

  • @Phaedrux I actually measured my bed from the gantry and it was quite a bit off. The gantry itself is super square but the bed was slightly tilted. Also after watching some videos from TH3D I wasn’t calibrating the actual sensor properly. The bed needs to be heated when probing and the probing speed lowered to 15mm/s. The sensitivity of the sensor has to be adjusted as well with the nozzle touching the bed and the sensor approximately 2mm off of the bed.

    Printer is an Ender 3 pro with 1Z motor but dual axis setup and linear rails. There is a lot of weight on the X&Z axis now with the 3Dfused linear rail kit and direct drive setup so I may need an anti backlash nut. After I did the Z calibration my nozzle was slightly going into the bed.

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