Yet another fan question

  • I am sure that this has been asked many times. I did do a search but couldn't find the answer that I needed.

    I have a duet 2 wifi. I am running it at 24V. I want to be able to control 2 fans. 1 of them is 12 V and I've used a buck connector to control this. The other is the part cooling fan which is 5V. Whilst I can use a buck connector for this also, this results in a fan that is either on or off. I'd much prefer to be able to vary the voltage so that I can have some part cooling but not at 100% for materials such as PETG. Is there any way that I can achieve this?


  • you can't set the jumper to 5v and use 12v external supply. jumper and vfan needs to be the highest of the two voltages so in essence you need to set the jumper to Vin and use two buck converters as noted in the documentation

    edit: i suppose you could use the 5v pin from the vfan selection header, but the jumper needs to be on Vin.

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