DuetWebControl Simulation

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    For anyone who has not yet got a Duet board you might like to take a look at the awesome Duet Web Control web interface

    We have a simulation of this on the duet3d web site:

    Its not connected to a Duet, let alone a 3d printer, so you can't see the full functionality but it should give you an idea 🙂

    I wanted to highlight a new feature in the simulation that will be coming to DuetWebControl soon: a help system developed by Pierre Rouzeau (PRZ on the RepRap forums) who has contributed a huge amount of documentation on the RepRap wiki about the duet.

    To see the help system go into the simulation and select help from the menu, this is a custom, very lightweight documentation system that Pierre is calling "Aquilegia". As well as a lot of documentation and this lightweight help system he also has written a delta simulator in OpenSCAD. He has 3d printing information on this home page (http://rouzeau.net/Print3D/Print3D) and the delta simulator is available on github https://github.com/PRouzeau,

  • That help system is awesome - love it. Is it likely to come to the DWC for other older Duet boards or is it specific to Duet WiFi?

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    The help system will be available on the other Duets too.

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