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  • I have an ethernet Duet2 controller on my Ooznest Workbee machine that so far I am pretty happy with given I am on a tight budget. Now I would like to dynamically display in mm the position each of my axis are as the machine goes about it's business. I can plug another display on my PC for this. I don't believe I have a RS422 signal on my controller. Would I need to think of a separate way of doing this? Like linear encoders? I would like to be able to zero the work without a touch prove.

  • @g_machuca said in Dynamically display position:

    I don't believe I have a RS422 signal on my controller

    you have a ttl-level UART that can accept a RS422 driver if need be. but the protocol is reprap gcode so not very standard (in terms of cnc), and unlikely to work with exisitng displays that use RS422

    if you're not dependant on using the older ooznest firmware you could maybe buy a $10-15 reprap full graphics lcd that will be supported in RRF3.2 (but do check the type of controller used to be compatible before buying).

    using a phone/tablet and DuetWebControl can be an option?

    and there are numerous do-it-yourself projects here that interface to the PanelDue serial port if you search the forums a little.

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    @g_machuca where do you need to see the position from.. it is displayed on the web interface so the lowest cost option could be to use an old phone/tablet if you have one to show the web interface?

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