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  • Hello to everyone, i'm a new user!

    So I have an engineering company, we make concept engines. I use an ender 5 at home for some work bits and stuff at home. I would like to be able to print using ULTEM or PEEK so that I can make manifolds etc. Looking around the market there is the Intamsys Funmat HT Enhanced but the build area is on the small side, anything bigger and i'm looking at around 20k which I can't do.

    So the plan is to make my own printer with heated chamber. What I will need a little help on is the electronics side if possible. I'm looking at a decent build volume and will go about a printer design this week.

    I'm thinking water cooled hot end and possibly dual extrusion although I have zero experience of this, I have only used the creality slicer.

    Looking at the industrial solutions available the hot end temp is up to 500, chamber temp up to 200 in some cases even higher and bed temp of up to 200. I'm fine with building a mechanical solution to this as I said its the electronics side I'm looking for help with.

    Can anyone nudge me in terms of where I should be starting here?

    Many thanks for any replies!

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    @scerbera This company seems to have a good range of high temperature components that would be worth looking at: https://hightemp3d.com/
    (Not an official recommendation, just saw from a link in another thread https://forum.duet3d.com/post/171252)

    Edit: also see https://forum.duet3d.com/post/166699 for inspiration.


  • Igus offers plans to build your own high temp printer https://blog.igus.eu/do-it-yourself-build-your-own-3d-high-temperature-printer/

    A friend wrote a series of blog articles about converting a Maker Ultimate into a hightemp printer for under 1000$ http://karlzhao314.blogspot.com/2020/07/the-peek-performance-project-part-1.html

  • So I have 3 of these hybrid stepper units which I originally purchased years ago to upgrade our very first chinese milling machine, which I never got around to as we ended up buying proper cnc machines instead.


    They are a little large for a printer but I intend to make this pretty robust so I'll use these if possible.

  • So my design is coming along nicely, i'll post up some screen grabs later when it's more polished. I am exploring a delta configuration, I have no experience of running a delta machine. Can anyone clarify that it's simply the firmware which interprets the g code to produce required motion, and as such, if I want duel print head it isn't an issue?

    Can anyone advise which duet board I should be looking at? Chamber heating will be run using relays so I assume one output for that is sufficient, 1 bed, 3 axis, 2 extruders.

    I will use the previously mentioned hybrid steppers and drivers along with ballscrews.

  • So I have already iterated this design 3 times, think i'm close now to where I want to be mechanically, if anyone could list the electronics i'm likely to need that would be really helpful, it will be duel extruder.

    I also have a question relating to heat compensation, whilst this is a high temp printer, it wont always need to be at max chamber temp etc. So there are parts here which are going to expand with chamber temperature, is there any scope in the firmware to enable a heat compensation parameter, basically the z height of nozzle is going to lower with increasing heat, can this be automatically corrected?

    Many thanks

  • You need very different chamber temperatures to print PEEK and ULTEM. PEEK can be printed in low quality at 90C and high quality at 125C ULTEM needs at least 150C for the low temp version and 200C for the high temp version. I can also recommend to print PEKK instead of PEEK as it is easier to print and have better interlayer adhesion as well as superior temperature and strength stats. The Railcore II 300ZL can be modified resonably easily into a 135C chamber printer. It only needs a top enclosure and a door to be fully enclosed and you can use 135C rated gates belts as well as aluminum structural parts inside the printer. 180C winding pancake steppers for the extruder are also redily available and AB and Z steppers are outside the chamber. A modified Railcore II 300ZL would cost you arround 3500 Euros with stainless steel panels and all aluminum structural parts, heater, magbed, tramming system and everything else needed to make it a high temperature printer.

  • @HighTemp3D

    Awesome, thanks for reply, yes i'm planning to make it a 200C temp chamber with possibility of higher if needed. Will be able to use the chamber for part annealing also. Bed temp will be whatever is needed also. I am quite a way through the design, just starting a build thread. Any advice on which Duet electronics I need greatly welcome.

  • I would get the new Duet3 at the moment. Another option is the Duet2 wifi with a Duex5 but they are in short supply at the moment because of COVID19 shortages of one of the chips used for those older boards.

  • @scerbera Design possibilities narrow when you go above 135C and even more at 150C where Misumi high temperature rails are rated. I have a feeling that gates 135C belts can do 150C at the low loads we use for 3D printing so as soon as my build is finished I will try it out. If you go above 150C you need to protect the rails from the heat. The Railcore community have tried the IGUS bearings, they do work but quality is not quite as high as with rails because of higher friction.

  • @HighTemp3D I have a unique design which I will post up in due course in my build thread, there will be no bearings/rails inside the heat zone.

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