Paneldue going black

  • Hi all, I am currently having an odd issue with my 7" paneldue. Quite often, and for no apparent reason, the display goes black. This has happened on initial boot up, sitting idle for a short period of time and part way through a print. So no rhyme nor reason to its behavior.
    I have also noticed when the display goes black the buttons and audible confirmations are still active. To get the display active again I have to cycle the power off & on, sometime a couple of times. If I see the splash screen I know we're good.

    Current firmware:


    It's the earlier 7" panel with separate module that plugs into the back. Current panel firmware is 1.24

    Any help would be much appreciated as this is becoming quite frustrating

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    It sounds like the back light or related circuitry may be dying. It doesn't sound like a power issue since you say the buttons and beeps are still active.

    You could post some photos of the PCB incase we can see something obvious.

  • @Phaedrux Thanks for the reply. Is there any particular part of the board you want to see?

  • Well....this is gonna hurt. I did it! It was my fault. When I disassembled the module from the back of the display I realized I had forgotten to fit the 3v jumper. After installing the jumper I left the printer on for the day, ran a couple of prints and no issues. Considering the purpose of the jumper I guess I should consider myself lucky, didn't fry the screen.

    Anyway, figured accept responsibility for my error and post it so I may save someone else the issues 🙂

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