Current Maestro availability? Aug 2020

  • Just picked up my first printer, an ender 3. After some research, I am wanting to swap the board to a Duet 2 Maestro. Clicking on all the links for US resellers as stated on the homepage, no one has the Maestro in stock? I do not really want to spend the extra $50 for a Duet 2 wifi board as I do not need all the extra features.

    Any idea when the Duet 2 Maestro will be available again? I really want this board over others I have found in my research.

    Thanks all!

  • @yosh2000 you will likely have to wait for a release of the Duet 3 mini to get a Duet board at a lower price than the Duet2 Wifi. As far as I can see, the Maestro seems to be out of production.

    For the Ender 3, you could look at the panucatt kinetica G2C which is a drop in board for an ender 3 using all the cables from the printer, which would make it a simple upgrade to RRF (at the expense of expandability). It's priced at about the price the Maestro had. Currently no RRF 3.x release is provided by panucatt though.

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    That's right, production of the Maestro has stopped. Its replacement will be this

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