Angled contact offset calibration for toolchanger?

  • Because I apparently can't finish a project without starting two more, I've been toying with the idea of adding toolchanging functionality to my CoreXY -- either automatically, or at least having easy quick-change toolhead capability.

    This has me thinking about calibration. Has anyone seen something that uses inclined electrical contacts to close a circuit with the nozzle? In principle, this could get you both X, Y, and Z relative offsets using a single, simple I/O channel.


    The idea is you could move the nozzle over the center contact, and then creep in +/- X and Y until you detected continuity with one of the angled contacts. . Your XY offset would be the difference in position between those contacts, and if you knew the inclination of the contacts, you could also figure Z.

    I really like the idea of implementing @danal's computer vision-based approach, too, but have had this bouncing around in my head and thought I'd ask.

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