Is there a concise guide for upgrading from RRF2.x to 3.x

  • Hello All,

    I am just finishing up an extensive re-wire job and decided to take the time to finally upgrade from RRF2 to 3, I've browsed through the changes between the duet on the Documentation page and I have made a config bundle on the configurator. I am looking for a concise tutorial that I can follow. Ideally a step-by-step picture guide or a good youtube video?
    As far as I can deduce, I should be able to just take my RRF configurator output files and upload them into my RRF2 DWC and press go? Is that right? Or do I have to do something else?


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    It's a lot less difficult than it used to be. The web configurator can create good starting points for your config file. Depending on what your printer setup it, you may have to do some manual setup afterwards, but for most basic printers it's good to go out of the box.

    Updating the firmware is quite easy as well now provided you're already on a 2.x release and you have access to DWC you should be able to use the single zip file upload method. Typically that would mean updating to 2.05.1 > 3.0 > 3.1.1

    I am working on an update guide at the moment with pictures and such, but it's hard to be concise and still complete. There are so many possible configurations that it's hard to create a complete guide without either getting far too in depth and long or skimping over details.

    If you tell us what board you have, what firmware you're currently using, and what kind of printer you have, we can give more specific guidance.

    I think to start with I would say ensure you're on 2.05.1 and have everything working. Backup your config files. Create a config file for RRF3 using the web tool and then compare them side by side in a text editor to see the differences.

    Then if it all seems to make sense, update to 3.0 and then 3.1.1 and test your new config.

    If you want more details on the new firmware, see here:

  • @Phaedrux
    Great response, i totally appreciate what you are saying, i write work instructions as a Process Engineer, its much more work than most ppl think.
    My main confusion is about which files to upload. When i tried to do this in the past, it was confusing whether i could upload my "custom" output from RRF Configurator tool or if i had to use the Github files or both? Which one first and which files go 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.
    Chris Riley has a good video on his channel about upgrading firmware but that was for RRF1.8 to 2.x, not from 2.x to 3.x.
    I just don't want to brick anything. I intend to make a duplicate of my firmware SD to that end, but that doesn't help me for the DWC portion of the upgrade.
    Video Link:

    I am upgrading a Sidewinder X1 Machine. I have a Slice Engineering Mosquito + 450C thermistor, BMG extruder, Using an optical (Panasonic GX-HL15A) NC endstop for Z-probe wired to my Z-Probe slot on my Duet2 WiFi board
    Current Firmware is: 2.03 RRF

    One last thought on your Upgrade guide, what would be most helpful would be a picture of a side-by-side of the same config file for the same printer for RRF2.x & RRF3.x. If you have little arrows pointing out the major changes that would Bonus Brownie points 😃

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    If you're on 2.03 then your first step would be to update to 2.05.1.

    The easy method is to download the zip file for the release and upload it as is to the /sys folder in DWC. The firmware detects it, extracts it, and updates all of the firmwares and DWC automatically.

    The same process can be done for RRF 3.0 and 3.1.1, but you'll also need to upload your new config file set from the configurator which can also be downloaded as a single zip file and uploaded that way.

    If that doesn't work for some reason, then you can fall back to the more traditional methods, like uploading individual bin files.

    And if you lose access to the network, you will need to manually place files on the SD card and use a USB terminal to update the firmware. Which is detailed here:

  • Okay so download first link you mentioned
    (aka and
    1.) Upload that .zip through the DWC using the light blue "upload files" button on the "Settings" tab?
    2.) Then once that is done. Just upload my custom firmware exactly the same way.
    Is that correct?

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    @jallen810 said in Is there a concise guide for upgrading from RRF2.x to 3.x:

    Just upload my custom firmware exactly the same way.

    I assume you mean your custom config files, and yes. Same way.

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