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  • Ok, so I may be a bit livid right now!! It has taken far longer than I imagined to do the DuetWifi upgrade as everything I have read said it was a super easy process. I have read guides from both dc42 and mhackney on the upgrade process, how to calibrate everything etc. Granted the info is NOT as straightforward as some would make it seem. I'm upgrading a Rostock Max v2 with existing E3D v6 hot end. Installed PT100 board, Trick Laser CF arms, Trick Laser CNC aluminum effector plate and mount, ball cup arms etc as part of this upgrade. So all of this info and settings are scattered about and I cannot find consistent info on some of it. I accept there is some tinkering involved, duh. So fine I've spent a few weeks tracking bits down and entering them in the config, yes I even used the autoconfig tool, which is marginally helpful as a place to start, but much work is needed to round out your settings it seems. Anyhow….

    So I'm finally printing things and they look just OK. I definitely had better prints before the upgrade. The bonus at this point was the auto-calibration via IR sensor, which is awesome BTW! So the second half of this week my print quality started going to absolute crap out of nowhere. Wavy lines, over/under extrusion, lots of odd things. I was just trying to do the usual filament tuning process by printing temperature testing towers to get the new correct filament settings because I also upgraded the heater block to the new E3D solid brass block over the old aluminum one so I figure thermal properties would be off a bit from previous known good temps.

    So yesterday I'm tracking down some settings and updating the config.g via web interface as usual. I break for lunch, I go out for an hour, come back to my desk and I'm disconnected from the Duet. Ok no big deal right? Reconnect and click edit on the config.g and it's BLANK! I thought..well that's odd. So I close it and open the bed.g...looks good all text/settings there..huh. So I figure maybe just a bad connection with our in office wifi, no biggie, so I click edit on the config.g again..empty....WTF! How is that possible?

    So I pull the SD card from the Duet and plug it into my desktop to see if there is something weird going on with the web interface etc. Nope, 0 byte size file. ALL the other configuration files are fine. Not a bit out of place anywhere else. Just all my settings GONE. Granted I'm a moron for not having a backup for yea I know better, but didn't do it and now I have to rebuild the file from a lot of memory and piecing together stuff I've found scattered around. So I spent the second half of yesterday rebuilding the file as close as I could remember.

    I come in today and figure I'll have it ironed out pretty quick. WRONG. After a few test prints it just seems way off for some reason. Extrusion not working right, despite being able to push filament by hand. Square corners not square...just weird little things, nothing huge. So I figured I had some bad settings in my config that I didn't get right. So I start reading AGAIN and trying to figure where I went wrong.

    So while I'm reading to make sure I didn't goof some thermistor settings, I go to open the config to change values and POOF empty AGAIN!!! W.T.F!?

    Has anyone else seen this happen??? I'm not at all new to storage corruption or data recovery etc. I've ran the SD card through data multiple data recovery scanners and they ALL say that config.g never even existed! NO corrupt data linked to such a file, no overwrites, no deletions. It is a complete ghost. And once again ALL the other files…perfectly fine.

    EDIT: FIRMWARE_NAME: RepRapFirmware for Duet WiFi FIRMWARE_VERSION: 1.18.1 ELECTRONICS: Duet WiFi 1.0 FIRMWARE_DATE: 2017-04-09

  • Sounds like it could be a faulty SD card, that does happen from time to time and it is a good idea to keep a back up of the SD card's contents, at least the .g files.

  • A faulty SD card that only removes the meat of a single file? I think not. All other files are perfectly fine. Unharmed, not corrupted..etc. JUST the config.g was gutted. Not that the file was found corrupt, it was just a 0 byte file.

  • Not impossible. Seen it a handful of times myself, though never with a Duet.

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    A 0 byte file length sounds like the file was new!y created, perhaps to upload a new one or save some edits, but the rest of the upload failed.

    I'll add a work item to make uploads create and write a temporary file, and only rename to the correct file name (after deleting the old one if it exists) when the upload is complete.

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