Gaps at the start of lines

  • Hello All.

    Hoping you guys have some answers...cause I can't find a solution!

    Let's start with the printer...all genuine clones.
    CoreXY with Linear Rails (heavy modded Tronxy x5s)
    Titan Direct Drive
    E3D Volcano .4/.8
    Duet Wifi w/ PanelDue 7 running 3.1.1

    About a year and a half ago when I first put it all together...this printer made some great looking parts. Round objects that you'd be hard-pressed to find the seem. No zits. Near perfection.

    Unfortunately...things have deteriorated a lot since. Zits. Blobs. Major gaps at the start of a line is biggest issue though . It's like the extruder motor doesn't kick in at the right time, but waits a few millimeters. I've tried Cura and Simplify3D with countless setting changes...all with similar results. Replaced the extruder wiring. Unbundled the extruder wiring from the rest thinking it might be noise from another component. Swapped the extruder motor. Lastest firmware on the Duet (truly hoped that would solve it). Used the latest configurator. Moved to the second extruder port on the board. The only thing I haven't touched is the Titan extruder and the Duet board itself. What am I possibly missing. Is there a bit of gcode stuck some where?

    I'm hoping you guys have some things to try. What else do you need from me? Config?



  • Moderator

    Worn nozzle? Bad titan bearing? Loosened idler? Worn hob teeth?

  • @Phaedrux
    Loose grub screw on the drive gear? ..I had that.

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