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  • Hi,

    Based on some information here from another poster about the various kinds of inductive sensor I went on a search for a vendor.

    I found this one who seems to have a good selection:

    I ordered several different ones to experiment with.

    The ones I have received to date have come from Italy, Germany and Switzerland - at least according to the packaging.

    I have replaced the BLTouch devices on my printers with two different models of inductive sensor.

    So far I like them much better than the BLTouch - in part because they are silent, in part because they seem to be more consistent.

    Time will tell.


  • Lol speaking of time will tell, over the span of days you may see some drift in inductive sensors due to temperature, but that's usually not a minute to minute after things warm up and even out, so results from probing an area easily offset with a babystep when it comes time to print.

    I've had good luck with getting industrial inductive probes from E-bay for reasonable prices (~$30 for a $90 probe). Ordering from automationdirect feels like buying stuff from McMasterCarr, no problem when it comes to my job but hard to justify to the wife as much as I'd like to. Still, there's definitely something to be said when you buy new from a company with a return policy.

  • Hi,

    With one exception they ranged in price from $20 to $40. I also purchased one $90 unit to see if the price was justified. The $90 was made in Hungary.

    The two I am testing at the moment are 12mm units with a detection range 4-6mm and a switching frequency of 2kHz.


  • @fcwilt How's your testing / findings coming along?

  • @Kolbi said in Source for proximity detectors:

    @fcwilt How's your testing / findings coming along?

    While the units themselves are very consistent the one's I have tested to date don't like the BuildTak systems magnetic plate.

    Most of the readings are fine but there are some scattered readings that are clearly way off.

    I only have two printers and I had to stop testing to get some printing done.


  • @fcwilt said in Source for proximity detectors:

    don't like the BuildTak systems magnetic plate

    I'm not familiar with the BuildTak system, does it have dedicated placed magnetic anchor points? Maybe the next RRF with mesh.g will allow to precisely define probe points to avoid?

  • @Kolbi
    Yes, it has a plastic spacer filled with a matrix of magnets, which holds down a flexible steel bed.

    Works well, but I switched to a milled aluminium bed with embedded magnets (after melting a couple of the buildtak beds).

    I've not noticed an issue with induction sensors with either, but I've heard enough other people complaining that I believe it exists.

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