Max Bed Temp Limit

  • Hi All,

    Where do I find the setting for maximum bed temp?

    I've found M143 S260 for the extruder, which is fine for now, but I can't find the bed temp limit.

    I'm running a printbite surface on cast ally plate, and am trying to get ABS to stick to it.

    I'm tripping out at 125 degC, which is really about 112 degC on the surface, and would like to up the limit to 130-140.

    I won't run the full print at that temp, but would like to kick of the first layer pretty hot.

    Please advise.

  • Thanks very much for that

  • And just as a footnote for the new guys (like me).

    When I entered M143 H0 S140 via the DWC, all was good until I used the emergency stop or updated the firmware. Then I was back to the default 125 degC limit for the bed.

    To make it permanent, you need to enter the line in the config file.

    This may be obvious to some but not to others, so I thought I'd mention it.

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