Slice engineering Mosquito Magnum no extrusion

  • Hello
    I'm experiencing big problem with my new Slice Engineering Mosquito Magnum with a Bond Tech extruder and Vanadium nozzle. Thermistor and cartridge are from the same manufacturer.
    I set up the RRF3 thermistor table Slice Engineering data and ambient temperature reading is ok.
    The problem is that it is impossible to extrude. I tried 280°c and there is no way out ... The filament goes well till the heater cartrgidge and then it's blocked. I can extract very easily with the "extract" button on my PanelDue.
    Pushing manually is impossible too.
    I tried 2 nozzles, same results....
    PID tuning has been made.
    I suspect a false thermistor reading .....
    Any idea ?

  • Seems it is not blocked if you can manually extrude filament with the extract button. Does this still work after the failures you mention?

    So I guess this means you are not extruding during a print. Can you hear/see it trying to extrude?

    When you tried to push the filament through, did you fully disengaged the Bontech extruder? Can you easily pull the filament out? Sometimes the filament gets a blob on the end and wont want to go either direction.

    In the stuck mode, if you touch a piece of filament to the outside of the nozzle, does it melt?

  • @Joel
    It is a thermistor or setting problem. I was almost succesful extruding a bit PLA filament at 280°C but it seems as if the hotend wasn't hot enough because PLA is very stiff immediately after extrusion.

    Here is my thermistor setting :
    M308 S1 P"temp0" Y"thermistor" T500000 B4723 C1.196220e-7

  • I have 500kohm (measured) at about 25°C

  • I don't use the Slice thermistor but I do recall theirs is not the same as most. Looking at your settings it seems you found the articles on how to use the slice thermistor. Just in case,

    Filament does harden very quickly once away from the nozzle.

    Not sure what else for you to look at. Others here are also very helpful.

  • @Joel said in Slice engineering Mosquito Magnum no extrusion:

    Filament does harden very quickly once away from the nozzle.

    Ok, thanks, I'll read this. At 280°C , it should be very simple to push manually the filament through the hotend. We speak about PLA, not high temp filament.

  • Hi,

    When you say "extract" do you mean "retract"?

    Does the hotend seem hot? If you touch the nozzle with a small piece of PLA filament does it quickly melt?


  • @fcwilt
    I found the problem. There was a piece in the hotend. Now I'm struggling against the z offset withe the bl-touch
    Thanks all for your help

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