How do i fine tune head distance after bed mesh macro (still high)?

  • After I home my axis's and run my mesh bed leveling macro, I still have an issue where the head is maybe 2-3 layers higher than it should be from the bed, so the first layer doesn't have a chance to stick. But if I found after the bed mesh macro, if I pull the IR sensor forward (not perpendicular) to the bed It get a much better almost perfect first layer.

    How can I fine tune some setting to make the head distance shorter, depending on how good or bad that first layer get applied?

    It would be good if the touch screen had a tuning screen on the fly for that ever critical first layer. (hint hint).

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    To start printing closer to the bed, increase the Z probe trigger height in the G31 command by the 2-3 layer heights that you mention. Note that if you are using a config-override.g file then there will be a G31 command in it, overriding the one in config.g. In which case, send the new G31 command to the printer, then run M500 to save it in config-override.g.

  • Also you can adjust Z on the fly, it is called babystepping (a search on the forum will turn up results).

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