Blown fuse on 1.01 Duet Wifi

  • A bit of a long story, but I was testing a new heater core on the printer and something sorted out the VSSA temp sensors which now read at 2000c.

    I have gone through quite a bit of testing to determine it is the fuse. After visiting the replacement part website

    I can solder things but not well and I don't have a hot air setup to remove tiny parts. I think the 2nd option of adding a bladed fuse could be doable?

    Has anyone tried this and could provide me with a few pictures on where to best put a fuse? anyone have a good part number? I am so/so on the soldering iron....

    Thanks for any help you can provide!


  • isn't the pictures on the wiki page clear enough, or did you mean pictures of where to put a blade fuse?

    are you using all your thermistor inputs?

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