Delta printer cable layout

  • Let's talk about the cables which connect the effector to the printer mainboard. I have seen basically two setups:

    1. Cables coming from top of the printer
    2. Cables coming from one of the delta towers

    To my understanding both ways are flawed. In the first case (from top) cables might hang lower than the effector at high print-objects. Also the cable length might be quite long when the mainboard is mounted at the bottom of the printer.
    With the second one the push rods might might touch the cables and have some friction which is neither good for the cable nor the rods. Furthermore this cabeling method seems not to suitable for large printer-heights.

    Am I missing something? Is there a "golden standard" way where to put the cables?

  • administrators

    I have the stepper motors at the bottom and the electronics under the bed, so the cables loop up from the effector and down to a point about 1/3 the way up one of the towers. I use a retractor to support some of the weight of the cable and Bowden tube.

    A common alternative is to put the electronics and stepper motors at the top, in which case I suggest a curly cable between the effector and the top of the printer.

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