Is Duet 0.8.5 equal to "Duet Ethernet"?

  • Hi I'm a happy owner of a Duet 0.8.5 with ethernet connection, I'm glad to see the product evolving and I'm looking forward to buy the latest version of the controller to built a bigger Kossel.

    I will keep using my Duet 0.8.5 and update it so I need to understand, is the 0.8.5 with ethernet connection the same as what is called "Duet Ethernet" or what's the difference? Can I install the "Duet Ethernet" firmware on the 0.8.5? I haven't found any document stating this or comparing the two.


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    Hi Francesco

    The Duet Ethernet is not equivalent to the 0.8.5. The key differences are the Ethernet has a more capable processor and the TMC2660 stepper drivers.

    A feature list for the Ethernet is available here:
    Also see the hardware overview:

    The 0.8.5 is near the end of its product life.

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