Double E motors

  • I need some help with figuring out if this is possible. I want to run my Ender 5 Plus's filament runout sensor with my corexy setup but don't want in on the gantry. I have a BMG-X2-M set up on it so I am direct drive. I was wondering if it would be possible to have another motor feed the filament to the BMG set up so when the filament runouts the operator won't have to feed the filament manually until it gets in the extruder gears?

    Boards I have a Duet 2 wifi with a Duex5 coming for expansion. (going to setup independent Z motors.) any help you can give if I am crazy or not is appreciated.

  • you can do it, but its not advisable.

    they would need to be perfectly in sync otherwise you might stretch or grind the filament at one end.

    are you running a boden tube from the filament to the bmg?

  • @Veti yes I am running a Bowden tube to the bmg.

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    This can be done before, and it has been covered in previous forum topics which you may wish to search for. Summary;

    • Configure both drivers as extruders (use M584 if necessary)
    • Configure the tool (M563) to use both extruder drives as if it were a mixing extruder
    • Configure the mixing ratio (M567) as 1:1
    • My suggestion (untested): configure the current for the first extruder drive (the one close to the spool) low so that if the steps/mm doesn't exactly match the main extruder, the first extruder can skip steps

  • @dc42 thank you I will do some testing later today on it.

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