Did i destroy my duet board?

  • So i have a duet 2 wifi using a DC42 IR probe. I left a print unattended over night and when i checked it in the morning some supports had knocked loose and had pulled the IR probe harness out of the IR probe. It looks like the nozzle had run the harness over a few times nicking the wire in multiple places. The IR sensor it self had lost a piece as well. Had a spare IR probe made a new harness and hooked it back up. Now the new IR probe wont light up at all. My X/Y axis homes and temps are reading fine. Everything seems to be working except the IR probe which reads 117-118. Put the IR probe on my other printer which has the exact same setup and the new ir probe works fine on my other printer. Anything i should check before i order a new board?

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    @TheMaker The probe LED should flash four times at power up. If it's not doing that, it's not getting power. So check your new wiring loom for continuity, and that you've wired it to the correct pins. You could test the probe pins on the Duet are supplying 3.3V by testing between 3.3V and GND. If it does flash, check the continuity on the signal wire.


  • @droftarts I just made another harness out of some motor wiring i had. So ill try the new harness and see what happens. I had not done anything to the board wiring wise so everything should work on that end. I believe my issue may be the board or the gantry wiring harness to the probe.

  • New wiring harness works. Not sure why the first replacement i made did not. All is working now. Thank you.

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