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    I've recently joined the 3d printing community with a Kossel XL build with a Duet Wifi controlling it. I've printed some small things and wanted to get an upgrade by printing a fanholder so that i can have fans cooling the printed part. I've printed this model and it fits perfectly:
    But in the wiring/software Im a little bit unsure. Ive connected the hotend fan to one of the always on fan ports and the two other fans to fan port 0 and 1 but only the first on is turning on when I try to print. I didnt quite get how i was supposed to wire two fans to one tool from the wiki. Is it possible? Or can I run both fans of one fan port?

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  • You can run two fans in parallel from one port. But since I used 12v fans on a 24v printer I wired them in series.

    One fan is assumed to be the hotend fan so it comes on by default the other two can be set to be controlled by firmware or thermostatic. See fans in the wiki.

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    HI Snimax, welcome to the forums

    To run two fans plugged into two different PWM fan ports you need to associate both fans to the tool. Have a look at:

    M563 P0 D0 H1 F0:1

    Have a look here for more detailed explanation of fans:

  • M106 P1 H-1
    M563 P0 D0 H1 F0:1

    That'll get two fans PWM'd for print cooling.

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