Blown driver?!

  • Hi,
    I just finished wiring my printer and wanted to test the motors.... well I somehow managed to blow the driver for the Y axis on my Duet wifi (Error: Short-to-ground on drivers 1) but can't find any error in the wiring. The printer is a heavily modified CR10 V2. Motors are stock. Any ideas what I should check beside the obvious spots like connectors and how I can get the driver replaced?
    I'm located in Germany

  • if you dont use the E1 driver the easiest is to remap driver 1(y) to driver 5 (e1)?

    in adittion to the connectors etc i'd check the resistance between the coils (and to the chassis if grounded)

  • Unfortunately I'm using E1 -.-
    The motor is sitting on a printed holder so not connected to anything that could cause a shortcircuit. But good idea to check the coils before I'm blowing another driver X,D

  • if you can't find a local maker space or something to that effect then maybe

  • Just checked the motor coils and wires. No short

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