300mm -- max length -- paneldue ?

  • According to the docs, 300mm is the max length, but that can't be possibly correct, given how short that is. There's no way to mount the display anywhere useful if that's the case.

  • that is for the ribbon cable that carries the spi signals for the sd card; if you use the 4 pin connection you can go further, drop the baud rate to go even further. i think the default cable is about 1m which works fine with the default baud rate of 57600

  • @gnydick 300 mm is the recommended maximum length of the ribbon cable to connect the Panel Due to the Duet board. You only need to use the ribbon cable if you want to use the uSD card slot on the Panel Due. If not, you can use the 4 wire serial connection and make that just about as long as you want.

  • This post is deleted!

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