Wireless alternative to PanelDue with magdock and charging

  • I've been slowly reworking my BLV MGN Cube 3D printer. Since I ended up repurposing the original PanelDue touch screen display, I wanted to come up with a different solution for the front display. I decided to go for a cheap 7" Android tablet, which would let me access the full Duet Web Control interface, as well as connecting to my other printers. (And play music and take pictures, I mean, why not?)

    This would also have the benefit of allowing me to grab the screen and take it on the go, if for example I wanted to keep an eye on my print while I was in a different part of the house!

    I wanted a clean look, though, and that meant not fussing around with plugging in a micro USB to the janky tablet connector all the time. So I got myself a Qi wireless transmitter and receiver, and integrated them into the dock.

    I also wanted a solid connection between the tablet and the dock, so I integrated pairs of neodymium magnets into the case and dock. This yields a very satisfying "thunk" when the tablet connects!


    The transmitter I used also has an abundance of bright blue LEDs to indicate charging status, so I integrated a light ring printed in transparent PETG to make it visible.




    It turns out the strong magnets interfere a bit with the inductive power transmission, so after a bit of research I found that angling the transmitter board gave me a reliable connection. YMMV, though, so it might also be worth trying less powerful magnets. They're plenty strong as they are!

    The case is printed in PLA with an inner TPU liner for shock absorption. It has a print-in-place kickstand for when it's undocked; the kickstand is held closed by a pair of press-fit 3x3mm cylinder magnets..


    Here's a rough parts list:

    STLs are up on Thingiverse, hit me up if you want the Fusion file to make it yours.

  • Nice; maybe put PanelDue in some quotes, or replace with Wireless DuetWebControl in the title?

  • @bearer Thanks! Switched the word order to hopefully make it more clear that it's not an alternative that is a PanelDue but rather an alternative to the PanelDue. 😄

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