DuetPi + RADDS

  • Ladies and gents,

    I was browsing "interwebbs" looking at Duet 3 and hello DuetPi, sparked my interest.

    Funny idea as title states.
    I have good old RADDS+Due in my draw all set and running RRF and I have few spare Pi's to play with.
    Hypothetically speaking - what are the challenges hooking these 2x together?!



  • administrators

    A few potential challenges:

    • The code is written to use the SPI peripheral to communicate with the SBC. I think RADDS already uses the SAM3X SPI peripheral to communicate with the SD card.
    • The SPI interface uses quite a lot of RAM. You may find that there is not enough free RAM on RADDS.
    • I have removed the RADDS build configuration from the RRF 3.2 source code, because of the extra work needed to support it when I recently refactored the code that records exception data.

    RADDS is quite old now, maybe it's time to upgrade to a Duet? If you can wait several weeks, we expect to have the Duet 3 Mini5+ in production before the end of the year.

  • This idea is pure sport for long winter evenings.

    I do already have 3x various Duet boards in my draw, well 2x in the draw hence one is out currently “trialing” on one of the machines.

    Thanks for the heads up on mini board though.


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