Settings for Running Bed Mesh?

  • Hi and thank you for your help.
    Ender 5 Pro with BL Touch.
    Printable Bed size: 220 x 220

    Anyone care to help me setting this up?
    At the moment mine it set to start at 0mm and end at 190mm for X & Y with a 20mm spacing. (This is how I got it from the person installing the Duet 2 WiFi for me.)
    But, as you would know, it misses a couple of probes because the BLT cannot reach some points.
    On the other hand I think it probes too many times. I'm looking for about 3 x 3 probes but cannot get it dialed in.

    I will appreciate some help with this. Thanks.

  • post your config and other files

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