troubleshooting SD card read errors, possible faulty SD socket?

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    I first off just want to say thanks for all the help this forum has provided me. I've been able to troubleshoot many issues with the help of everyone here. Ive come to a bit of a standstill with my current duet board. I cannot access DWC. When accessing the IP adress given from the YAT terminal i get the error stating, "Your Duet rejected the HTTP request: page not found
    Check that the SD card is mounted and has the correct files in its /www folder." I am only able to get the wifi module running with the blue LED active when using YAT from the Pc. When i apply Vin power to the board the blue wifi LED does not come on. When using commands M21 i get," SD card is unusable. M122 shows that the card is detected but at a speed of 0.2m/s. All LEDs are on as suggested on the dozuki. 2 red leds are shown with one green Led. The dia marked LED only flashes at start up. I have used fallback procedure one from the duet dozuki to try to reset the firmware in case of some sort of mismatch that the firmware has with no luck. i did this a couple of times where i reformatted the SD card using the suggest SD card reformatting program and with the correct file structure advised. I have also used another sd card.The only thing i haven't attempted is the full reset of the board, which Im a bit intimidated to do if im being honest. Im very new to all this and just got into this hobby 2 months ago so please forgive me if im missing something simple. Ive learned a ton from reading this forum and appreciate everyones time.! I have attached an image to show some commands from the YAT terminal and can gladly upload any more images if needed. diagnostics for forum.png

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    When and where did you purchase the Duet?

    It does sound like there is an SD card socket issue. Can you post a photo of the SD card socket pins? Like the one shown here?

  • I bought it from I have already contacted about a replacement and they suggested i post here to start. Im super impressed with the response time from both ends! I have attached a picture although the quality is sub par. My pins seem to look better than the one shown from the link but im not one to say. Thanks for the response @Phaedrux, your responses on this forum have helped me so much. I spent a couple weeks with bl touch issues until reading something you wrote here on the forum 🙂 !IMG_2284.jpg IMG_2282.jpg

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    It's a little hard to see on the pics, but your problem description and testing performed indicates the issue is with the SD card slot. Warranty exchange approved. Please contact Filastruder and include a link to this thread as authorization.