Duet Web UI: M561 & G29 S2

  • Hi again.

    What is the difference between these two commands on the Duet Web UI?
    M561 : Disable Bed Compensation
    G29 S2 : Disable Mesh Grid Compensation

    Which one do I use to do a "by knob" bed levelling and make sure that when I home all axes that all auto bed levelling is disabled?


  • @deonholt

    The documentation for M561:

    This cancels any bed-plane fitting as the result of probing (or anything else) and returns the machine to moving in the user's coordinate system.

    The documentation for G29 S2:

    S2 Clear height map

    I play it safe and use both.


  • @fcwilt
    Thanks very much for your reply. This clarifies it for me. I also do both ... just to make 100% sure. 👍

  • Moderator

    M561 should clear everything, but G29 S2 would only clear the heightmap portion, I've asked for some clarity on what else M561 clears out in addition. I could think of delta calibration as something that M561 would address where G29 S2 does not.

    Nope, I was wrong. For all intents and purposes M561 and G29 S2 are identical.

  • Well if they are both the same then it might make sense to use the same description for both.


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