sanity check, heater on d2eth

  • I am already in the process of rewiring the whole printer (was delaying that for months so now I must do it), and I will replace the hotend heater for good measure but I need to do a sanity check as more eyes...

    Few days ago 5-10min into print printer complained the heater is dead and really, me trying to up the temp failed. Rebooted the printer, tried heating hotend failed. I assumed heater failed and let it go. Couple days later I started "debugging", since I had to rewire the whole X axis anyhow I killed all the zipties, disconnected all the connectors and measured resistance on the heater expecting it to be dead but 21R hm.. wiggled the wires, no issues 21R ... ok, the wiring was crap, that's why I wanted to rewire the printer, too many wires crammed into a cable track is never good idea, wires tend to die that way but measured wires and... well, they are ok .. wiggled, tugged, shaked .. they are ok .. hm, ok, so dead duet, either a fuse or a fet, no biggie - went trough my head, stuck the voltmeter to the heater port on duet, turned on heater, 24V present, ha, so duet is ok... wait, everyting is ok, wth, now everything works ?!?!!? I hate this..

    So, I'm replacing all the wires as these were here temporary anyhow, using new, bigger cable track, will be replacing the heater on the hotend for just in case but ... I hate this type of errors 😞

  • @arhi Maybe it was a loose connector and the reseat corrected it?

  • @Kolbi hard to say but I use those T connectors that are rather sturdy never had one fail


    I think it's probbly dead heater cartridge that fails when heated and reconnect cold... will test it after I rewire the printer, attm I just measured resistance of the cold one, did not try to heat it up

  • @arhi Ah ok, those are robust no doubt.

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