Mesh Leveling Results

  • So how far do you all go when leveling your build plate? I've been tinkering with manually leveling one of our prototypes after installing a new heater this afternoon and feel this is plenty good enough, but would like other's opinions.. Thanks

    Edit: the build plate is 12x12" (304x304mm)

    mesh bed level.JPG

  • that should give you print results that are good enough

  • well, yeah.. it will give good results. And of course, the flatter the better, but I'm more curious about the consensus on the amount of deviation users should allow mesh bed leveling to correct..

  • @oozeBot

    My deviations show -0.117/0.315mm and I get ok results.

    Somewhere on the forum I read that larger deviations may require a higher Z-axis acceleration setting so that the printer can move up or down fast enough between probed points while printing. If that's true, then I'd guess that it shouldn't be a problem unless your Z-axis mechanics aren't suited for big velocity changes because of backlash in the z-carriage, etc.

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    @jpomo10 said in Mesh Leveling Results:

    Z-axis acceleration

    Z jerk actually, otherwise it can lead to jerky XY motion as it slows down to allow the Z axis time to react. But it really doesn't take much. Z jerk of 60 or so seems to be fine.

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