CoreXY + duet2 wifi

  • Hello Guys,

    I have a Two Trees Sapphire Pro and I want to change the MKS Robin Nano board to a duet2 wifi.

    Some changes:
    PSU: Meanwell 500W 24V

    4 motors 0.9 Angle 1.68A

    • 3 x High Torque (XYZ)
    • 1 x Compact but powerful (E)

    Hotend: E3D V6
    Bed: Aliminum cut plate 6mm + Silicone heatbed 200W 24V.
    BLTouch (Trianglelab clone: 3DTouch)


    • What will be the correct current value for the motors for each
    • What will be the correct esteps
    • What will be the correct Feedrate
    • What will be the correct Max Acceleration

    I'm moving from Marlin to duet2 wifi.
    The values I have from stock 1.8 angle motors.

    Also, the connection/configuration of BLTouch will be really appreciated

    Marcos Fernandes

  • @msource said in CoreXY + duet2 wifi:

    The values I have from stock 1.8 angle motors.

    if you switch to 0.9 its 2x the steps

    1.68A Motors go with 75% the current

    What will be the correct Max Acceleration

    go with the values from marlin for now and do testprints afterwards increasing the acceleration and see if you like the result or not.

    use to create a config for your printer.

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    For the Z axis motor you may want to stick with a 1.8 degree motor and choose a lead screw with a finer lead, for example 2mm. That can give you more torque and holding power for a heavy bed that moves in Z and still gives a very high Z axis resolution.

    Also, if you're only using 1 motor for Z, is it a cantilevered bed, or is it a single motor belted to the lead screws?

    steps per mm formulas:
    xy_steps_per_mm = (motor_steps_per_rev ∗ driver_microstep) / (belt_pitch ∗ pulley_number_of_teeth)

    Z_steps_per_mm = (motor_steps_per_rev * driver_microstep) / screw_lead

    e_steps_per_mm = (motor_steps_per_rev * driver_microstep) * (big_gear_teeth / small_gear_teeth) / (hob_effective_diameter * pi)


    If you're new to RRF I suggest going with RRF3 to start with.

    You can get a basic config here:

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