Z-Probe with analog voltage output on Duet3

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    I want to fit a Z-probe with a 0.5V to 9.5V analog voltage output on my Cartesian printer which is controlled by a Duet3 controller. The probe is an eddy current type and according to the specs has a very good accuracy and repeatability so I am hoping that this will get me a more accurate first layer and also allow me to use the probe to reliably home to min rather than max (using motor stall as the end stop). I am aware that the IN pin on the i/o ports is 30V tolerant so it will accept digital signals up to that level but I did not see a specific indication as to the actual maximum analog voltage level that can be measured on the pin when using an analog output sensor. I am guessing that the measurement limit would be 5V as that is the maximum voltage supplied on those ports but I am no electronics expert so that is just a guess. Can someone please point me in the right direction?

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    Voltages up to 3.3V would be measured. Anything larger wod read the same as 3.3V. You could use a voltage divider to extend the range, but bear in mind that there is a 27K pullup resistor between the input pin and +3.3V.

    Analog Z probes are not supported on Duet 3 expansion and tool boards.

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