Mesh bed leveling travel speed

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    I was wondering if it is somehow possible to speed up the travel speed on the X,Y axis during mesh bed leveling? My current code looks like this (M557 X0:500 Y40:500 S100:100). The printer has 32 point of measure so im trying to figure out how to speed thing up. Thank you 🙂

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    @Deluxe-600 First, remember it's 'Mesh bed compensation', not bed levelling. Best to level the bed by physically checking/moving the bed plane in some way.

    The probe travel speed is set in your M558 command (usually in config.g) with the T parameter. If your bed is already pretty flat, you can also reduce the H parameter, dive height, as this is the slow part. The F parameter, feedrate for the probing move, can also be increased, but this may effect the accuracy and/or repeatability of probing. Though all this can depend on what probe you have. Post the Z-probe section of your config.g and we'll see if it can be improved.

    With your M557 command, you'll be probing at X 0, 100, 200, 300, 400 and 500, and at Y 40, 140, 240, 340 and 440. If you change from using the S parameter to the P parameter, which sets the number of points to probe within the limits rather than the spacing between them, and set P6:5, it will probe 5 points in Y from 40 to 500 with even spacing between them, which will cover a bit more of your bed.

    Alternatively, if you use Cura as your slicer, you could use the script that creates a bed mesh just for the area of the print, which will be faster per-print:


  • @droftarts Oh yeah found it! I cant believe i havent noticed 🤔 . Anyway thank you for your help in understanding the problem. It works much better now . Have a great day 🙂

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