duet3 use servo motor

  • How can i use [5V single ended Step, Dir and Enable outputs for a single external stepper driver (common +5V pin)] if i cant buy expansion 1XD ? Cause i want use the outher drivers to make servo motor work. Can 6HC/3HC/1LC do that?

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    Not at this point - however the 1XD is just waiting for its slot in the manufacturing queue to be available.

  • What servo do you intend to use?

  • @JRDM use 5v step dir en

  • @T3P3Tony Thanks,Our company is waiting for 1xd to bulid a bigger machine。If we can buy it,it will solve our problem helpfully.

  • @huai3895 what brand motor?

  • Hi, I am waiting for the same board, it will be driving Leadshine LS ES-M32320+ ES-D508, and also a version with brake for Z axis : LS ES-M32320B+ ES-D508.
    When is the expected ETA for this board our of factory, where will it be orderable first ? I will need 3 for a start (X/Y/Z), and early prototypes are OK too.
    If the wait time is too long I'll need to revert to your second generation board with the existing external driver, are there any performance downsides to this previous generation (other than no offering CAN expansions ?).
    congrats for what you are doing, the specs and using CAN bus get is very close to professionnal systems 🙂 I'll let you know how it performs on this high quality 1m1m1m large CNC/3D project.

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