Install marlin on the duet wifi

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    I know this is probably outragous, but is there a way to install marlin on the duet wifi,

    This question is hypothetical, so I wouldn't actually do it since the reprap firmware is very easy to work with.

    Along these lines, is there any way of a first time run wizard, similar to the prusa i3 printer, i.e. this calibrates the printing space as well as other settings.

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    What would a first time run wizard do, that configtool doesn't do already? Bear in mind that the Prusa wizard has to handle only one type of printer.

  • I think this is the kind of things that Macros with Variables could make semi-auto.

    An example of a wizard (the one I know of um2) is that he let's you spin the physical wheel the machine it has until you calibrate the nozzle on three points of the machine, then the firmware stores the Z offset and gives you a basic calibration. All this with the endstop on the bottom.

    To allow printer builders to make their own calibration-setup-routine, a simple macro gcode with variables could allow very nice and simple bath programs to make this for the user.

    On UM2 the process is very manual, but the interesting part is where it get's the current Z and changes the offset saving the value for the user. This could be done also with a simple GcodefornewOffset S{-CurrentZ} (can't remember the code to do it now XD)

    I think it could also allow to open the path to multiple of bath programs, adding a probe to get results for example to print on top of a material, or to automatice bed cooling, or.. dunno, stuff 😄

  • the video i was referring to would be

  • I actually went back to the Melzi/ ramps arrangement at one point, and i now very apreciative of the reprap firmware.

    One suggestion is to incorporate some kind of slicer, and maybe a much better wireless adapter especially if that is the week point, as the AJAX back end times out to often, maybe look into a differant back end who knows

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