Possible to use 1 motor for 2 axis?

  • Hey, I have a quick question,

    I have 2 rotational axes which are linked, meaning if I want to turn one I wall also move the other. Both are driven by one stepper. But I will always just "use" one at a time. Yet I need to home both of them individually to account for possible belt slippage (the construction isn't very stiff) and I would also like the position of one to be updated if the other moves.

    Is this possible with individual axes as configured by M584? The idea would be to map the same drive to both axes . Then I would home both axes normally. The tricky part would be updating the position of one axis if the other moved. One thought would be to insert a macro before I "switch" between both axes and calculate the position of the axis which will be active next based on the position which is active currently. I'm not sure if I can achieve this with gcode meta commands.

    Or do I need to make an individual kinematics file?

    What are your thoughts on this?

  • @schpongo said in Possible to use 1 motor for 2 axis?:

    I have 2 rotational axes which are linked,

    Are you talking about something like dual z motors , but need the separate the motor to level ?

  • No, think more along the lines of a two individual tools (e.g. normal nozzle and maybe a laser) that rotate around the center of a delta effector.

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