Octoprint Pause gcode

  • I'm using a Mosaic Palette so I need Octoprint. I'm having a problem figuring out the pause gcode. The default just parks it in place. When I try a custom gcode something goes wrong with the extruder where it reverses for a long time and goes way past the 6mm retract. This also happens when I use the Palette load script, it starts loading and reverses. The are several people in the Mosaic forum having the same issue without an answer and their customer support can't figure it out. I think it's confusing absolute retraction and relative. I print in absolute but for trouble shooting I tried changing my config and Cura file for relative and the same thing happens. I know when I had this problem with the Duet and power resume it ended up being a bug in RRF2 that DC fixed. If anyone has a pause script that works in Octo I'd like to start with that.
    I have a Duet wifi with the last version of RRF2 on it; the latest version of Octoprint 14.2; Modix Big 60 V3

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    Do you know what pause gcode it's sending? What do you have in pause.g?

    Latest version is unfortunately vague. What version specifically are you using? Send M115 to check.

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