Random Pause During Print... Bug?

  • Hello I have the current setup
    Duet Wifi 1.01 with RRF3.1.1

    I have printed 2 versions of a file this one is ABS centric, 15% infill, no fan, bed 90 and hotend at 240. it is the circle fidget cube thing. bad gcode file

    What happens the hotend stops over the last printed spot, everything still on at 90 and 240 temperatures. The stepper motors barely move like the belt is very loose. (X and Y). I need to power cycle the printer and everything is "fixed". I tried printing this file twice the first time it failed at 50% the last time around 25%.

    I have printed this file successfully with PLA settings and a higher infill 30%, hotend 210, bed 60 and 2 fan speeds of 60% layer 2 and 100% past that. That file is here good gcode file

    I have the bad file sliced at 10% infill and will see if it makes a difference...this seems like a bug?


  • Moderator

    Please post your config.g and the results of M122 after it has stopped. Do you see any errors in the gcode console?

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