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  • Id like to start this post with thanks to the great people in charge of duet and the forum. I had a thought this morning and would like to make a suggestion to the duet staff and commend the staff for the outstanding job they do...
    I see a lot of people starting from scratch and being verry feistrated with setting up a duet.
    My thoughts were allmost everyone is put thru the extensive learning curve.
    I enjoy this process but a lot of us dont and don't have the patients. (Not to speak of the time it takes)
    What i would like to suggest it a compliment of system fieles to be submitted thrue this site (for most commonly used printers)..
    Checked and posted for newbie types to down load
    I believe there are enough files in working boards to do this. What this would accomplish is you can get and try several files inside your printer for diferent configs.
    I like to know and learn.... A great deal of us don't
    This would give duet the option of giving us a choice wheter to dive in or not.. not only would it make it a lot easier for most non- tech people, But also give us the ability to reverse enginee a working system. And just with the basics. If we added 5 printers a week it wouldnt take long to have almost every known printer on file with a confimed working file
    What do you thinkπŸ˜³πŸ€”

  • My sugestion comes from the inability to use the file generator due to lack of knowledge and terminology

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  • Man you guys are good 😁
    now if we could get more People on board this, it would take off. I had no idea this existed..
    It looks like this got started about 9 mo. Ago and yes thats what i had in mind,πŸ‘ i am wondering if we could set up a stock config for models such as creality prusa ulimaker ... let say without any changes
    You buy a wifi 2. Board, have a cr10 pro.(stock) ..this is your file.. For the wifi 2....(standard stuff no rabbit holes)
    What you have is great,, i was thinking about the 1st time newbie..... stock machines and simplistic change over to duet products. (All ...for stock machines). Without the changes, I like what youve done, im not sure a newbie could make sense of it all
    Speaking out of experience here...😁 can this solution become an option?? hardest thing is finding the right info, thank god for you and the rest of the team or this would be near impossible.
    I would like to request a fork for newbies,, stock and modified if you will... with a newbie tab that"makes" likely matches For Stock equiptment.. Jist a thought here... i buy products each month In support of duet and encourage everone else to do the same even if you keep them as spares as i do. If we make a way to find file basics and match them with stock equipment
    This would help greatly if your just starting out and know squat... your product does so much
    It is overwhelming to many.
    I think your product will benifit greatly from this depository.. also if we can leave a "clearer" roadmap for beginners without tech support needed would greatly increase access for the avrage 3d printers starting out. I think the success of this idea is to promote its use ... i had no idea.... this should be exploited futher πŸ™‚πŸ‘

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