PT100 Strain Relief?

  • I am in the process of swapping over from an E3d Thermistor to a PT100 sensor. While I wait for my daughter board to arrive I have been doing some reading on the PT100 configuration.

    I ran across several reviews on the PT100 sensor that complained about how fragile the sensor is for the price. It seems the sensors tend to break easily where the wires enter the sensor cartridge due to wire movement or handling.

    alt text

    Curious: Outside of the amazon reviews I have not found much complaining about the sensor life but it made me wonder if some kind of add on strain relief on the cartridge to protect the wires would improve the ruggedness of the sensor? Perhaps some kind of short metal spring strain relief or some other type of high heat tolerant material? Anyway, just curious if these things are really that fragile.

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    They are fragile. I've lost one in a head crash with the print once. Treat them gently like the precision measuring device they are and you'll be alright. Once installed, make sure the leads are secured for strain relief during operation and it'll be fine.

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