Sending G-code from Pronterface and touch screen in same print?

  • Hi! I'm looking to start using the Duet Wifi. I'm wondering about its capabilities and have a couple questions.

    This relates to “G-Code Everywhere.” Can I send G-Code commands to the printer by pressing custom buttons on the PanelDue, and also through a USB connection from my laptop? For instance, I’d like to press a button on the PanelDue to launch some custom g-code. But then a couple seconds later, I want to be able to type in a g-code command on my computer and send it to the Duet. Is this possible?

    Second question: In the middle of a print, would I be able to connect the Duet to Pronterface or some other similar software? Or will making that connection cause the Duet board to reset like it does with RAMPS?

    I'll probably buy the Duet Wifi regardless of the answer.

  • I can answer the first part.

    I have had a PC, Tablet and PanelDue all being used at the same time. Mixing between the three during a print.

    I only used Ponterface to get the Wifi going and deleted it from my computer.

  • Thanks! Thats awesome!

    As for the pronterface question, the reason I ask is because I imagine it is hard to type on the touchscreen. So using pronterface would help speed the typing g- and m-codes.

    With your PC and Tablet attached, was one attached via USB, and the other via Web Control? Is Web Control the only other alternative to sending G-Code commands to the printer using a physical keyboard? Is it just as easy as Pronterface?

  • The web control has a Gcode console for this very purpose.

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    I find typing on the touch screen easy if I use the tip of my fingernail instead of the pad of my finger. The screen has a resistive touch panel, not a capacitive one, so it responds to pressure. This is more precise than typing on a smartphone.

    You can set up macros to run commonly used commands or sequences of commands.

  • Along these lines I wondered if it was possible to echo to the DWC console any commands sent by the user so that there is a log of what was sent? I appreciate you don't want the full gcode file of a print scrolling down the console.

    When I change temperature I see the G10 xx xxx command appear in the console, but it would be nice if all manual commands were listed, such as move axis, or run macro etc.. Even if they are sent from a host like pronterface.

    Just a thought.

    Also any progress on having the last few commands stored for recall in DWC on the console, like pronterface does or DOS or whatever so you can press up/down arrows and resend a command you typed previously, I only ask as this is a standard feature of nearly all console interfaces, its absence from DWC is noticeable.

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