Easy webcam for Duet Wifi

  • After finishing up my Ultibots D300VS I started looking at what my options are for a remote viewing camera and ran across this app to use with an old cell phone as the camera called IP Webcam. I had tried a cheapy Banggood IP camera on my other printer and the wifi always dropped out every few hours and it was a pain to setup and keep running and since I have a couple of old phones I figured why not give it a shot.
    I put in portrait mode on the setup webpage and entered the ip address into the Duet webcam intergration box and set refresh to 1 and it worked perfect except my screen isn't big enough to see the whole portrait style view without scrolling.

    I'll have to make or get a stand for the phone but the cardboard and spare box worked fine today. I could see almost the entire print volume without having to adjust to phones angle from where it is at in the picture.

  • thats really cool nice tip

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    Thanks for sharing

  • How do you set up a webcam camera in the web interface?

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