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  • I just wanted to say thank you to the Duet Team and supporting members around these forums. The Duet has made 3d printing reliable and enjoyable. You have an amazing product and i look forward to building many machines with it.

    Also thank you for the great support you have provided me while i got up to speed.

    It is 4th of july here which i dont think you celebrate over there but Happy 4th to everyone in the US and abroad.

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    Happy 4th of July and thanks for the kind words

  • Ditto! great product only exceeded by the super support found here. A lot of companies could learn from your model….

  • I think in England they call the 4th of July, "Treason Day". 😉

    I second the kudos.
    I was apprehensive buying this board at first when I thought a ramps board would suffice, but was I happy did it. Is truly a well thought out design.
    And it looks as if it's only gonna get better.

    And another joy is any questions are answered promptly here in the forums.
    This is merely a hobby for me and wouldn't be life altering if I didn't get a problem fixed, but it would certainly be aggravating.

    Thank you from me as well.

  • lol who knows they could celebrate it as good riddence day! the day they no longer had to deal with the scurds 🙂

  • Errr 4th July 1776 is the date that Americans celebrate as being when they gained their independence from Great Britain but it's actually the date when the Declaration of Independence was adopted by the Second Continental Congress. It wasn't until after the American Revolution ended in1783 that America won it's independence from Great Britain.

    Note that it's Great Britain, not England. Scotland had been part of Great Britain since the Union with England Act passed in 1707 by the Parliament of Scotland. So, many Scottish combatants died or were maimed in that conflict, along with English and of course the colonists who later became Americans. In fact, for the Scottish it was probably worse because many of the migrant colonists were Catholic Highlanders and many of the British troops were Protestant Lowlanders so there were Scots killing Scots.

    Although the 4th July may not be an accurate date, we should all celebrate it as being the end of a brutal conflict where many people who were conscripted to fight, paid for it with their lives or limbs.

  • Agreed, as usual most celebration dates in america have nothing to do with the actual event. Thanksgiving is a prime example, its date was changed a dozen times throughout history in order to improve chirstmas sales to boost the economy. The actual date has nothing to do with what is being celebrated.

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