To upgrade or not.

  • Hi,

    I have a Duet WiFi and was thinking that a Duet 3 would be fun..

    What would be the advantage now and for the future to change board?

    What would I gain now from an upgrade?
    What will I gain for the future?

    I want WiFi, I dont want a Raspberry, just a simple to maintain printer.

    Cost is not my issue so we skip that part.

    One thing that hold me back a bit is to change all the configuration from my Duet Wifi to Duet 3. Does the Duet 3 have support in the online configurator?

  • @RogerL said in To upgrade or not.:

    I want WiFi, I dont want a Raspberry,

    then i think you'd be better of waiting for duet 3 mini/5lc that comes with onboard wifi.

    as for configuration, if you plan on staying with RRF2.05 then okay, its a little effort to upgrade, but if you run RRF3.x on the duet2 the upgrade is just changing pin names - and yes, the online config does support duet 3.

  • @RogerL

    This may influence you decision.

    Personally, if I didn't need to run 13 stepper motors I would have reverted back to Duet 2 months ago.

    Not on that list of limitations is also the fact that with the current stable firmware, the step pulse frequency is very much lower on Duet 3 than on Duet 2. That may have improved in the latest firmware but it's still in the Beta test phase and I've been caught out too many times in the past to try using another Beta.

  • Thx for your input.
    I will at wait for the mini, didnt know about it before.

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