Why does DWC allow me to upload, and then "print", STL files?

  • Once or twice a month I'll accidentally upload the thing_i_want_to_to_print.stl file instead of the the sliced thing_i_want_to_to_print.gcode file. Then I'll click on the entry to print it and it will instantly go to the finished state, sometimes messing something up requiring a reboot.

    It's not a big deal, but I'm curious why the file open dialog isn't constrained to .gcode files only, and why there's no error message if I upload .stl or any other non-gcode file?

  • i have done the same thing more than a few times (shh dont tell nobody lol) and was wondering the same. It does not appear to cause any issues, i just resend correct file and it works fine no re-homing or anything. Operator error is sometimes a hard thing to fix 🙂

  • For me it causes my z to crash sometimes 😞

    wish it only displayed gcode files

  • administrators

    I suggest you start a post about this in the DWC wish list section of the forum; or perhaps Tony can move this thread.

  • I find it helpful that I can also upload a gcode-containing .txt file.
    Sometimes I generate gcode-testroutines and can save them only with .txt extension. In Windows I can't rename the extension and have to open a "DOS"-window to do that.

  • Why can you not rename the file extension in windows? (If it's because you can not see the extension, you can change that – depending on your version of windows it will be found in different places, but the "folder options" settings are what you are looking for.)

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