Z banding or artifact on only one print and one printer?

  • Came home to a print with what looks like terrible z banding, so i tried a couple cubes to see if it replicated. The cubes turned out perfect, using the same slicer and settings. This was the 1st print after a pid tune and thermistor value change, since i had the wrong one previously. However printing a couple more objects with no banding makes me think its not the tune. Could it still be the tune or could it be another issue?

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    If the tune hadn't been saved or applied at the time, it could have been from bang-bang mode causing expansion and contraction leading to z banding.

  • @Phaedrux the save had been applied and i had restarted it before to make sure it applied. Im running a round 2 with the same .stl to see what happens since i did the tune a few more times. Although i think the speed the y axis moves at sometimes is its resonant freq which seems to be about 60mm/s. Lowering the current to 600 help the noise and 500 helps further, although they're rated for 1a, so ill have to see how it'll do.

  • repeating the .stl is outputting the same issue. Printing standard squares shows no evidence of z banding.
    Going to try on a second printer.
    Printing on another printer shows similar z banding despite being a belted z axis. seems like an stl issue

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